On-line course

Color Accounting Fundamentals On-line makes learning accounting easy.  Fun even.  Whether you’re a boffin or not, you’re about to discover the power of real simplicity. When you need to understand how accounting works and attending classes is not the solution, you need a way to teach yourself, quickly and painlessly, and when it suits you.

This on-line course is like no other. For a start, it works, and it’s fast – 4.5 hours fast. And it’s available when you are: 24/7.

At US$199.95, it’s a must have.   Individual purchases can be made, or for a corporate rate, contact us.  We can also advise you on incorporating the on-line course within your live training programme to maximise your return on investment. 


Colour Accounting has an ever-expanding selection of books, all available as ebooks and most as paper-backs, and all using the breakthrough graphical Color Accounting system that makes learning accounting intuitive, easy and fun. We promise you that you’ve never seen and accounting ‘text’ book like these – they are gorgeous.
The books can be purchased individually, or for a corporate (bulk) rate, contact us.  

1. Color Accounting: The new graphical system that makes understanding accounting easy and quick
2. Accounting Comes Alive – The Color Accounting Parable
3. Accounting Comes Alive: Introducing Color Accounting – a multi-media e-book.

1. Color Accounting: The new graphical system that makes understanding accounting easy and quick

This 288-page text book is not only an in depth explanation of how bookkeeping, accounting, finance and business work. It’s also the first accounting book that deserves to be called ‘gorgeous’.  The beautiful design, illustrations on nearly 3119every page, and graphical explanations of core concepts remove fear and enhance your learning experience. 

Many things trip up students of accounting: double-sidedness means people talk at cross-purposes; single words have many meanings; and meanings change with point of view. Having a one-page diagram that uses color to logically show how accounting works makes these pitfalls almost magically disappear.

The BaSIS Framework™ (Balance Sheet/Income Statement Framework) is a revolution in accounting education. Suddenly accounting, finance and the essence of business take on new clarity and meaning. Join the thousands of people in top corporations and universities around the world who have found that learning accounting is quick, easy and fun when you can visualize it.

By reading this beautiful  full-colour book packed with diagrams and clear explanations you will:
  • Discover the 3 keys to accounting success
  • Learn to read financial statements
  • Deepen your understanding of business
  • Talk about money matters more powerfully
  • Learn the way you like to… with diagrams, simple steps and logical explanations
  • Wish you had this book when you were in college, high school or that accounting 101 course.
Color Accounting will help you:
  • Pass your accounting exams
  • Run your business more profitably
  • Do your bookkeeping
  • Use QuickBooks™ and other software 
  • Manage your personal finances
2. Accounting Comes Alive – The Color Accounting Parable

With more than 35,000 copies in circulation, Accounting Comes Alive – The Color Accounting Parable is an international best-seller. Surprisingly for its unusual parable format, it has become a popular text at a number of schools and 9119846universities.

The Color Accounting Parable is the story of how an MBA learns the principles of accounting and business from his grandfather. You’ll read the book in an evening and come away with a solid grasp of the essential business concepts you need to know.

The book uses diagrams and logical color to make obscure ideas and concepts come to life. The plain English makes the learning quick and easy for anyone.

Perfect for beginners and if you like to learn through story, the Parable clarifies the issues many people confuse. For example, it reveals the four concepts of debit and credit, where many think there are just two.

Part 2 of the book introduces financial analysis and is valuable for beginners and intermediates alike. It powerfully illustrates five potentially fatal mistakes that business owners make, using real-life financial statements.

3. Accounting Comes Alive: Introducing Color Accounting – a multi-media e-book.

This  is a new kind of accounting book — color, movement, language, graphics, embedded movies and audio narration make accounting comes alive in this interactive iPad book.
Balance sheets, income statements, ledgers, journals, debits and credits will make perfect sense.9688627
Packed with step-by-step explanations, video tutorials and crystal clear audio, this interactive book literally show you how accounting works.  Using touch, manipulation and animation, you’ll see accounting unfold in front of your eyes.  You’ll be deeply engaged and your new understanding will have you achieve your goals.  Whether that’s passing your exams, running your business more efficiently, using QuickBooks or other accounting software, or managing your finances with clarity, power and confidence. 

This book is available for download  to your Mac or iPad from the Apple iBookstore or iTunes. .