Do you, or your organization, want deeper financial literacy?

Let Kolitz Colour Accounting help your employees become more financially literate by attending a Colour Accounting seminar. They will better understand how they support the mission of the organization and appreciate how they add (and destroy!) value. They will understand the financial implications of their jobs for their division and the business itself. They will be more motivated, be less resistant, communicate more powerfully and do their jobs better.

Do you want learning that makes an immediate and long-lasting impact on the individuals and the business? Do you want the learning to be cost-effective, including the cost of your people’s time away from their jobs?

Businesses, agencies, not-for-profits and consultancies can use Kolitz Colour Accountings short seminars or multi-day workshops to enable their staff to understand the balance sheets, income statements and financial operations of their organizations.

  • The learning is permanent. It can be applied well into the future because the graphical way of showing the concepts is unforgettable
  • The speed of the training reduces employees’ absence from revenue-generation work. That means better Return On Investment for you
  • Course content is tailored to your needs. For example the financial statements of your own business can be used for financial analysis exercises
  • Online and electronic learning tools are also available to blend with classroom learning

Interested in our course?